Let in the sun with your aluminium winter garden!

We provide house-attached winter gardens as well as patio and balcony covering structures. We design winter gardens. Visit our gallery of the completed winter garden projects. We take measurements and provide cost estimates for winter gardens.

Aluminium winter gardens mean plenty of light and space in your house. Just imagine the effect on a beautiful spring day! But really, the winter garden will help You to enjoy the light and space in your house, or a sunroom, all year round. Aluminium allows for almost unlimited design options, from very simple, house-attached winter gardens, to the most complex and diversified structures. We manufacture house-attached winter gardens, patio covering constructions, modern style gardens made of aluminium profiles, balcony and porch covering structures. Take a moment to view our garden gallery.

Winter garden in any architectural style.

To actually meet Your expectations, we can use our aluminium profiles to create the winter garden of Your dreams, cover your patio, balcony or build a proper orangery. Our “functional” style, for example, looks simple and elegant at the same time, while our “orangery” style has the atmosphere of a Victorian veranda. For romantic architectural designs and for renovation work we recommend our “Renaissance” series. An aluminium winter garden for everyone.

Canopied patio

If you have no room for a winter garden but you still would like to achieve a similar atmosphere, you could go for a marquise solution. Our aluminium marquises allow sufficient illumination, and their style is timeless. In addition, they offer excellent protection against rain and wind.

Advantages of aluminium winter gardens:

  • wide variety of shapes and styles
  • wide range of colours
  • large selection of accessories: ventilation, shutter systems, drivers
  • top quality and durability

Winter gardens, patio - ALU JOINER

We offer winter gardens made with profiles from the best profile manufacturers: PONZIO, REYNAERS, BLYWEERT, ALIPLAST and YAWAL.

CR 120

Winter gardens CR 120Concept Roof 120 is a highly insulated roof system, offering a wide range of styles and configurations to perfectly match your conservatory or orangery. You can choose from three design options – Functional, Orangerie or Renaissance styles allowing you to create the desired atmosphere for your conservatory. Even integrated lighting is possible to achieve a complete aesthetic solution.

CR 120 meets the highest requirements regarding thermal insulation and can be seamlessly combined with Reynaers high insulation solutions for windows, doors, sliding and folding doors. Furthermore, this system is designed to allow complex conservatory constructions and skylights for annexes or detached constructions. The integration of flush roof vents is also possible. These can be electrically operated if desired.

PR 100

Aluminium winter gardens CR 100Outside roof
Parallel Roof 100 is a non-insulated roof system, suitable for winter gardens, terrace coverings or carports. The PR 100 system can fulfil even elevated structural demands.





Aluminium winter gardens TR 200Thermo Roof 200 is a thermally insulated conservatory system offering a broad range of roof configurations. Depending on the design of the conservatory, the structure of the roof can be optimised to perfectly fit your needs. The interior of the roof structure has a minimalistic look. The gutters however, are available in three variants to match your style perfectly; Renaissance, Functional and Ellipse.
Furthermore, the conservatory system allows the integration of flush roof vents for ventilation, which can be electrically operated if desired. Anticipating on the thermal requirements, the unique glazing concept of the system makes is perfectly suitable for triple glazing. TR 200 provides rafters which are not only able to carry the weight of the triple glazing but also to withstand the weight of snow load.
The thermal insulation of this roof solution, in combination with the seamless integration of windows, doors or even sliding and folding doors, makes TR 200 an ideal extension to your house.


Winter gardens Ponzio_PF 152 WGThe system for winter gardens or other spacial constructions. The construction of roof slope can be accomplished with facade profiles from PF152 system or on the base of PF152WG rafters.
The whole construction can be based on curtain wall posts, posts from windows and doors systems, as well as on the reinforced posts from PF152WG system. The rafter construction allows to use standard glazing beads from windows and doors systems. The connection between rafters and transoms is the same as in the PF152 curtain wall system. The elements of the roof are fixed by hinge connection on the wall beam and by means of system joints on the eaves beam with system pipe for eaves. There is a possibility of using sliding systems from Ponzio offer.

Characteristics of system
– allows to connect the profiles from PF152 WG system, windows and doors system, as well as Ponzio sliding systems
– allows to accomplish very complex constructions (used in the elements of eaves beam and wall beam, “articulated” system allows to turn the plane of the roof in the range between 7- 45 degrees of the inclination to the vertical plane)
– easy assembly and prefabrication

Aluminium profiles
EN AW-6060 according to PN-EN 573-3 T66 according to PN-EN 515 Al Mg Si 0,5 F22 according to DIN 1725 T1, DIN 17615 T1

EPDM synthetic rubber according to DIN 7863 and standard according to ISO 3302-1, E2

Fillings packet window panels, opaque panels polycarbonate 8-40 mm thick

Surface finishing
powder coating with polyester on chromate undercoater according to Qualicoat standards, any RAL colour at choice; anodized in colours: natural aluminium, olive, champagne, gold, brown – according to Qualanoad standards, lacquered for colour imitating wood


Winter gardensThe aluminum profiles with thermal barrier designed to build the roofs of winter gardens. It comes in different versions to meet. The narrow roof construction skeleton uses profiles with a width of 56mm viewing. The system is adapted to be filled glazing units and polycarbonate plates. Compatible with many window-door systems and sliding Blyweert.


Winter gardensThe system of aluminum profiles without a thermal intended for the construction of roofs terraces and parking spaces. The system is adapted to fill both glass and polycarbonate panels. The narrow roof construction skeleton uses profiles with a width of 55mm viewing. Several variants of gutters and downspouts discreetly hidden in a load-bearing pillars emphasize the aesthetics of the structure. System components enable the construction of aesthetic and economical roof structures.